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furious beating…

furious beating of the eggs, a batter of frenzy. 

One that none wish to accompany, but he’s here, locust among the rye. The wheat. The bread. 

No one cares for this being, but who am I to compare? How am I any different? Does the validation of other persons who are just as low set me apart? No. 

We are all one. All the same. 

Fuck the mind. Fuck the hive. I’ll lay it out, moaning, groaning, screaming into the pillow. Sheets clenched in the balls of the hand, ass squirming in ecstasy, mouth wide. Drool pools beneath and in it the sharks lurk, they wait for their turn, the bait is adequate. 

Now we say to ourselves, what is this? This feeling of being adequate? Is it anything substantial? No. It is for the bee’s, for the birds, for the moaning whore with the synthetic cock shoved between her legs. How she wishes to be free of these burdens, of the expectations, of the world. Comma, comma, comma. et cetera. et cetera. the world turns and we stand still, stuck in time, wooden figurines. 

I once saw a figurine of prcelian. So beautiful was it, the reds with the blues with the whites, beautiful on the outside yet empty and hollow below. Shattered easily if pushed of the edge. Such a terrible noise, it. 

How did we get here? To this sentence, I mean. Is it of importance or absolution? No. Nein, as the duetsch say, it is nothing. WHat does it matter anyhow? 

It doesn’t. 


Today a person passed. Someone I knew. Someone that was beside myself in times of unnatural brilliance and perversion. 


I am away. 


I am distance. 


I am nothing. 







Quit fucking say that you care about how poorly I’m treated by others while you’re treat me like shit. I had nothing to do with this, yet I am the one paying the price. Get over your insecurities and realize who I’m fucking here for. Fuck. 



I’ll spend today fighting the cold with alcohol and scribbled notes of promises and love left behind by the past that still hold me in the present.