today’s thoughts, coming to you live and in no particular order.

It’s been so long since i have sat/laid/lounged whatever you want to call it, anyway, with a pair of headphones on and drifted away. Since the accident. Broken glass on the pavement, old companions left crumbled and defeated by fate, two objects meeting – neither with their own will – driven. Some fears and ‘almost’s’ are far fresher in memory then we’d really like. 

It’s nice. 

Los Angeles, if you’re curios. 


One of my best friends bought my rx-7 a couple weeks ago, I’m pumped and yet super sad. At least he got it. I want another one so bad already, only I think a 2nd generation, I have always wanted anf FC, so why not?




A lot to think about, not much to do. 

too often my situation, I think. 


New place today, or at least it’s ours today, hopefully be fully moved in shortly. I’m pumped to live back in town, being a half hour away from everything make’s life difficult at times. Those 2 a.m. Mc Donalds cravings? No longer such a great task to achieve and the money saved on gas, oh my, fantastic. $1 cheeseburgers will once again be just that, no longer will I pay $5 (gas included) for a fucking double cheeseburger. Oh, but wait, it’s a McDouble. I want my other piece of cheese, you fuckers. 




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