I figured we’d start from square one here.

Watercolor I did at the beginning of 09? Fuck, that seems like forever ago, still one of my personal favorites. The colors washed out in the scanner I was using, looks far better in person and actually has been promised to a close friend with soul stealing capabilities.

Also from the beginning of ’09, ink and pastel of an old friend.

Another from ’09, nothing special, I just really like it.

This was a quick sketch I did last summer whilst coming down off of a magical, brain twisting, mushroom trip.

This was done waaaaay back, early ’08 late ’07, one of the first things i ‘sketched’ when I started doing that again. A friend went back over it and inked it, still one of my favorites, as simple as it is.

Aforementioned mushroom trip.

watercolor from ’08 at some point, a friends grinder. Thing always fell apart and was useless for the most part except for on an aesthetic level.



Did this after Ratatat last year, was the general feeling in the room. Fucking uppers, man. Ink.

Simplistic pencil.

Pencil of a very close friend, I remember being really upset with how it turned out, then really upset I wrote anything on it, and then I tried to cover it and ruined the final version. At least There are pictures of this one, ja?

Did this one as a present for a friend, watercolor. Hello kitty could’ve just gotten really high, as well.

One day I’ll go back and finish this one, it’s one my to-do list. Pencil, soon(ish) to be watercolor.

Another gift for a friend, the colors bled into the paper a bit since it wasn’t really meant to be painted on, oh well. Watercolor.